I don’t just write erotica… I read it too! In fact, I’m a pretty avid fan of the stuff! I can’t get enough! I’m an addict!

So I decided to start writing about some of my favorite erotica novels and novelettes. Of course, I also do solicitations and would be happy to consider reading your book (although I cannot promise that I’ll get to it immediately). Please contact me at sakura.von.sternberg at gmail dot com for more information.

REVIEWS (in alphabetical order)

August: The Exploits of a Spoiled Rich Bitch (B.J. Taylor)
Become the Woman of Your Dreams! 2 (Aurora Sparks)
The Billionaire’s T-Girl (Isabella Belucci)
Come With a Friend (Patient Lee)
Compatible Gardens (Angora Shade)
Enthralled (Bryce Calderwood)
Hail Madam President (Yvonne Charles)
The Haircut (Lusty Soul)
Operation: Thrustmaster (Alana Melos)
Rubber Cat Burglar (Roxy Katt)
The Serpent’s Gifts, Part 1: The New Beginning (Richard Bacula)
Space Raptor Butt Invasion (Chuck Tingle)
Spicy Dinner for Three (Lusty Soul)
T-Girl in the Office (Isabella Belucci)
Uncharted Territory (Jim Lyon)
Valkyrie (Derendrea)