REVIEW: The Haircut (Lusty Soul)

lustyTITLE: The Haircut
AUTHOR: Lusty Soul
SUBGENRE: lesbian, LGBT, erotic romance

The Haircut is both a continuation of and radical departure from Lusty Soul’s Spicy Dinner for Three. Like her previous work, this is another unapologetically ribald tale of a pleasure-seeking succubus luring hapless mortals toward sexual nirvana. Lucy the succubus also returns, still as irresistible and insatiable as before. This time, she has her sights set on Elbe, a flirtatious hairdresser hounded by her own self-doubt and an overbearing zealot of a brother. Lucy is drawn to her right away, but doesn’t quite understand why. Their short-lived affair—as brief as it is transformative—will change both their lives in ways neither can comprehend.

So what’s different? For starters, The Haircut is a far more sensitive and empathetic tale than its predecessor, taking us even further down the LGBT spectrum. Without spoiling things outright, I will say some of its twists might startle some readers… and the darkness that comes at the end could will no doubt unsettle others. It’s heartfelt in ways some might not expect from a story of a sex-starved succubus. At the same time, that tenderness does not detract from its explicit eroticism—far from it, in fact. Lucy is, by her own admission, a girl who’d “rather have skipped the coffee and gone straight to the toffee,” and perhaps the same could be said of Lusty Soul herself. She certainly knows her way around a sex scene, and those expecting the same sort of sensuality found in <i>Spicy Dinner for Three</i> will not be disappointed.

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REVIEW: Uncharted Territory (Jim Lyon)

lyonTITLE: Uncharted Territory
AUTHOR: Jim Lyon
SUBGENRES: femdom, sub/dom, erotic romance

Most authors of BDSM erotica aren’t too concerned with issues of authenticity and verisimilitude. Quite the opposite, in fact: 50 Shades of Angst slapped together with some bungling stabs at pathology and a “love conquers our kinks” ending. This is not the case with Jim Lyon’s Uncharted Territory, which goes to great pains (no pun intended) to give us a more accurate representation of the BDSM community. His narrative is punctuated with moments of procedure and negotiation, a far cry from the melodrama that usually infects this subgenre (not that I don’t dig those stories too!). Lyons wants us to understand the mechanics of and motivations behind D/s relationships—and in this respect, he succeeds quite admirably. Lyon writes with authority on this subject, and often treats us to some truly titilating kink-fests that are (a) super-hot and (b) educational for newbies (although I should caution those readers: there’s no Platonic Ideal of a D/s relationship—they’re all quite different). It doesn’t hurt that he can write the hell out of a good sex scene.

I will admit, however, that I found some of the character development a little lacking at times. Its principle characters—Matt and Sam—are little more than dull ciphers through most of the story, stumbling into their roles with no emotion other than dull acquiesce. I kept waiting for the book to take a more interiorized look at its characters, but this didn’t really happen. As a result, their introduction to and integration into the lifestyle rings a little hollow for me. One pegging does not a lifelong sub make.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention some of the more… implausible plot elements, like when one character finds a fully-stocked, fully-functional secret bondage lair in their brand new home. That… kinda stretched my suspension of disbelief. I’d probably stay out of there just for hygienic reasons.

But for all its faults, I still enjoyed Uncharted Territory. Its rigorous attention to detail—to say nothing of the numerous sex scenes—make this a fine read for both seasoned pros and newbs. I should also mention that the audio version is fantastic. Hollie Jackson did a fantastic job!

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REVIEW: Come With a Friend (Patient Lee)

comewithTITLE: Come With a Friend
AUTHOR: Patient Lee
SUBGENRES: gay, crossdressing, high school drama

Come With a Friend is a story of transitions and self-discoveries, of internalized homophobia and self-hatred, of catharsis and renewal. Its protagonist—the depressive, isolated Jason—never quite self-identifies as trans or queer… and that’s kind of the point. What author Patient Lee manages to recreate is nothing less than the feeling of isolation, insecurity, and sexual confusion experienced by teenagers. These are characters stumbling toward self-expression and self-identification… and if that has to come through some emotionally charged hanky-panky, so be it.

Of course, the contrivances that propel our characters to this point are more than a little complex. Jason is a high school outcast—bullied, suicidal, possibly queer and in denial—with a tragic past and dismal prospects. He’s someone I think most of us can identify with. Things take a decidedly odd turn when Timmy, a childhood friend, enlists him to dress as a woman in order to trick one of his tormenters at a school dance. He agrees, albeit trepidatiously. Of course, we soon find out that this isn’t exactly what Timmy has in mind.

At first, I found groaning at these various plot machinations… that is, until it’s all revealed to be an elaborate ruse. That was something of an “aha!” moment, as the ulterior motives of each character really felt real and relatable. I won’t spoil what happens at the school dance, but I will say that it is touching and ambiguous in the way it handles its final coupling. It’s important to note that we end precisely at a moment of indeterminacy. The climactic moments, so to speak, are bracing in their intimacy and sincerity, but also hint at a future that may or may not come. In Patient Lee’s narrative, sex heals old wounds even as it threatens to open up new ones. And isn’t that always the case?

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My Review of Pegged By My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura von Sternberg

This is my review of Pegged By My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura von Sternberg. I have been eagerly waiting for Sakura’s latest for a while. I’ve been a fan since discovering her “Joan of Arc” sci-fi…

Source: My Review of Pegged By My Kawaii Anime Waifu by Sakura von Sternberg

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Slow and steady wins the race…

Yes, I realize the interminable months-long lag between my last two books… and for that, I apologize. As many of you know, I’ve been somewhat busy… and it didn’t help that I had to outright cancel a book I’d spent months trying to finish. But whatever. That’s all in the past. Now that Pegged by My Kawaii Anime Waifu has finally been released (now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited), I can start work on more projects.

One of those projects is The Computer Wore High Heels, a dystopian femdom story that political resistance through sexual humiliation. But before that (very, very ambitious) project, I’ve decided to work on something a little lighter and frothier. The tentative title is The Cosplay Connection, and it is another work of transgender erotica. This one is also somewhat based on a conversation I once had with fellow erotica author Bryce Calderwood about all the sexual experimentation that takes place at anime conventions.  So will this story be autobiographical? Well, um… probably not… at least… I don’t think so…

I’m trying really, really hard to get this book out before the end of the month. Fingers crossed and all that jazz.

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NEW RELEASE: Pegged by My Kawaii Anime Waifu

peggedKevin is an otaku.

No, scratch that: he’s an Otaking.

An obsessive anime fan. A total recluse. An irascible internet scold.

But don’t worry: he’s also found love. He is the proud husband of Akane Matsunaga. Who is Akane? She’s the main character of his favorite anime series, of course. A fictional 2D character to whom Kevin has devoted himself completely.

In other words: his waifu.

But what happens when his waifu becomes corporeal and real? And what if she’s a little more kinky and dominant than he might have realized? What if she brought with her a ten-inch toy that she fully intends to use on her 3D suitor?

Watch out, Kevin. Akane’s about to put the “oh!” in “moe.”

This 11,000+ word femdom story is intended for adults only. It contains graphic descriptions of adult situations, including humiliation, bondage, domination, pegging, psychic sex, and other fun activities. Reader discretion is advised.

All characters depicted in this story are over the age of eighteen.


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REVIEW: Operation: Thrustmaster (Alana Melos)

COlp22BVAAARRd5TITLE: Operation: Thrustmaster (Rock Hardin, Agent of A.S.S.)
AUTHOR: Alana Melos
SUBGENRES: spy-thriller, BDSM, menage, parody

We begin with a startling confession: I’ve never really liked James Bond. I know, right? For me, the character has almost zero appeal. He’s a sociopathic dickbag with a crippling sex addition and terrible one-liners; even worse, he epitomizes the sort of macho/nationalist power fantasy that makes me cringe. I’ve only seen three Bond films in my entire life (one Connery, one Moore, one Brosnan), and probably napped through at least two of them. My partner—a die-hard fan of the franchise—once loaned me his copy of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, but I gave up on it about halfway through. What can I say? When it comes to retro-kitsch spy thrillers, I’m probably more of a Danger: Diabolik kind of girl.


So it’s actually somewhat surprising that I enjoyed Operation: Thrustmaster as much as I did. For all its subversive charms (which I’ll get to), Alana Melos remains surprisingly reverential to her forbearers. Her novella is fast-paced and taut with suspense: a crackerjack spy-thriller that coyly doubles as smart-ass meta-critique. It is, in some respects, the perfect duck/rabbit scenario, as the book’s success as a straightforward genre exercise never blunts its more parodic elements (and vice versa). Rock Hardin is our hero: a take-no-prisoners American beefcake with a lantern jaw and an overactive sex drive. He’s also a secret agent working for the American Secret Security division (and yes, their acronym is indeed A.S.S.). When a nefarious secret society kidnaps the daughter of a high-profile American scientist, Rock Hardin springs into action (of all sorts, natch). On its face, the narrative is completely over-the-top and ridiculous… and yet Melos plays everything dead-pan and straight-faced. Her prose is kinetic and cinematic, drawing us into her world of erotic espionage… even as its overt ridiculousness makes us cackle like slack jawed idiots. That, in itself, is almost a minor miracle.

That isn’t to say that Melos isn’t having fun with these genre trappings. On the contrary, Operation: Thrustmaster is a tremendously funny book that doesn’t skirt away from overt parody. Rock Hardin is a relic of the Camelot era: a total square whose grasp on the sexual revolution is tenuous at best. Throughout Operation: Thrustmaster, Alana Melos relentlessly pokes fun at her protagonist and his outdated masculinist ethos. Perhaps my favorite scene in the entire book involves Rock Hardin crossing paths with a pair of lesbian sadomasochists. His total bafflement of sub/dom relationships—to say nothing of the kinky sexual encounter that follows—becomes a source of subversive humor where the Bond franchise’s repellent sexual conservatism is turned on its head. To watch the prototypical American stud square off against a total pain-slut… well, it’s certainly something that made me squeal with delight.

So, in all, Operation: Thrustmaster comes highly recommended. It has it all: thrills, twists, kinks, and laughs. But is it wrong that I spent the whole time secretly shipping Rock and Burt?

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