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book3The Seduction of Kawaii Kimiko-Chan
[MF, anime, tentacles, magical girls]

Three years ago, Kawaii Kimiko-chan and her Cutie Commandoes saved the world from the nefarious Prince Kirai. In an epic battle with casualties on both sides, the Cutie Commandoes used their combined powers to seal their nemesis into the Drago Sphere. They believed his reign of terror had ended. They were wrong.

Now a student at Tokyo University, Kawaii Kimiko-chan has put aside the superheroics and lives a relatively normal life. But when Kimiko-chan’s friends are kidnapped and dragged into the Desolation Zone, the Cutie Commando springs into action. Has the unthinkable occurred? Has Prince Kirai been released from the Drago Sphere? Little does she know that her counterstrike against the Dark Prince will end in an erotic awakening that tests the limits of her propensity for pleasure. Hey, not that she’s complaining!

book2Trans-Terminatrix of the Wasteland
[TS, MF, transgender, femdom, post-apocalyptic]

In the thermonuclear wastelands of 2099, survivors trade stories of the mythical cybertronic transwoman who wanders the Cursed Earth like a guardian avenger: the Trans-Terminatrix. Nothing is truly known about the Trans-Terminatrix, for she drifts through this irradiated hellworld with a single mission: to protect the innocent from the roving bands of cannibals and gutterpunks who prey on the weak.

For many, she is a legend to be spoken of in hushed whispers but never truly comprehended. But when the Trans-Terminatrix crosses paths with a nameless vagabond, the first faint sparklings of human affection course through her cybernetic heart. Will she abandon her mission and succumb to the ultimate temptation? Or is their love not meant to be?

computer1The Computer Wore High Heels
[MF, femdom, shoe fetish, dystopian sci-fi]

In the bleak dystopian city-state of Polon-Quoth, all forms of reproductive sex have become outlawed. Poverty and overpopulation run rampant, and citizens are shunted off into gender-segregated ghettos to prevent all natural forms of reproduction. There is only one penalty for breaking this iron-clad law: death.

But the sex-starved denizens of Polon-Quoth’s “Boys Town” sector have taken steps to circumvent this totalitarian mandate: the invention of sexbots with no discernible genitalia. For some, this is an inadequate compromise. For others with more… creative sexual outlets, it’s the height of human ecstasy.

Enter Drake, a sexually curious resident of Boys Town with a fondness for women’s footwear. Together, with a particularly kinky sexbot in six-inch stilettos, Drake is about to learn a valuable lesson: when there’s a heel, there’s a way.


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