sakurachanedit.pngWelcome to official website of Sakura von Sternberg: educator, activist, and writer of dorky-ass erotic fiction. I mostly write transgender and femdom erotica, with a heavy emphasis on science-fiction and horror. I typically use erotica as an outlet for all of my geeky obsessions: anime, space opera, Lovecraftian horror, gothic fiction, etc. If asked to describe my forte, I would say that I strive to create sensual erotic narratives with a splash of filth, a touch of humor, and a dash of old-school SF world-building. So if the idea of randy space pirates, transsexual cyborgs, and magical girls all getting it on strikes your fancy, you’ve come to the right place.

Sakura herself lives somewhere in the lonesome crowded Mid-West with her life partner and two cats. She is an English teacher and freelance editor. She has not told any of her students about her secret life as an erotica author. She also really likes Thai food.

Email: sakura.von.sternberg at gmail dot com

Facebook: link

Twitter: @sakurasmutmaven

Amazon: link

Goodreads: link


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