Still hard at work at my forthcoming book(s). In the meantime, check out this short interview I did with the amazing B.J. Taylor!

B.J.'s Reviews

Author Illumination Series

Sakura von Sternberg

B.J. Taylor-What are you working on now? Tell us all a little bit about it.

Sakura von Sternberg –I took a long hiatus after my father’s recent passing, so I’m still shaking off the proverbial cobwebs and flexing my writerly muscles. I’m currently in the earliest stages of two new erotic novellas. One of them is a real doozy: a post-apocalyptic and unapologetically queer novelette about two transgender revolutionaries (a trans man and a trans woman, respectively) burning rubber on the metaphorical highways to hell. The other is far less ambitious: a femdom story about a mall employee getting involved with a closet kinkster at a neighboring store. Work on both is progressing slowly, as I am also teaching a ridiculously huge course load this semester. Those students eat away at all my free time, damn it! I also have about a million ideas stewing…

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