REVIEW: The Haircut (Lusty Soul)

lustyTITLE: The Haircut
AUTHOR: Lusty Soul
SUBGENRE: lesbian, LGBT, erotic romance

The Haircut is both a continuation of and radical departure from Lusty Soul’s Spicy Dinner for Three. Like her previous work, this is another unapologetically ribald tale of a pleasure-seeking succubus luring hapless mortals toward sexual nirvana. Lucy the succubus also returns, still as irresistible and insatiable as before. This time, she has her sights set on Elbe, a flirtatious hairdresser hounded by her own self-doubt and an overbearing zealot of a brother. Lucy is drawn to her right away, but doesn’t quite understand why. Their short-lived affair—as brief as it is transformative—will change both their lives in ways neither can comprehend.

So what’s different? For starters, The Haircut is a far more sensitive and empathetic tale than its predecessor, taking us even further down the LGBT spectrum. Without spoiling things outright, I will say some of its twists might startle some readers… and the darkness that comes at the end could will no doubt unsettle others. It’s heartfelt in ways some might not expect from a story of a sex-starved succubus. At the same time, that tenderness does not detract from its explicit eroticism—far from it, in fact. Lucy is, by her own admission, a girl who’d “rather have skipped the coffee and gone straight to the toffee,” and perhaps the same could be said of Lusty Soul herself. She certainly knows her way around a sex scene, and those expecting the same sort of sensuality found in <i>Spicy Dinner for Three</i> will not be disappointed.

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3 Responses to REVIEW: The Haircut (Lusty Soul)

  1. Wonderful review. Spot on.

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  3. Mario says:

    The haircut is a wonderfully written piece. The twist in the story keeps u captivated and intrigued to say the least. The author is gifted at stretching a story that not only arouses but entertains the mind.


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