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NOW AVAILABLE: The Cosplay Connection (Transgender Erotica)

Lisa and Marcus are regular attendees of Ani-Nexus, an anime convention catering to otaku of all types: collectors, academics, casual fans, gamers… and hardcore cosplayers, of course. There’s something for everyone. Even Lisa, a relative novice to the whole cosplay … Continue reading

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Book Review — PEGGED BY MY KAWAII ANIME WAIFU by Sakura Von Sternberg — Roxy Katt

This book is an imaginative frolic in the Otaku world, featuring one Kevin (or Kebinu-kun, as he insists upon as his otaku name). His life is, in a comical way, what one might expect from an anime obsessed nerd. He … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Haircut (Lusty Soul)

TITLE: The Haircut AUTHOR: Lusty Soul SUBGENRE: lesbian, LGBT, erotic romance The Haircut is both a continuation of and radical departure from Lusty Soul’s Spicy Dinner for Three. Like her previous work, this is another unapologetically ribald tale of a pleasure-seeking … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Uncharted Territory (Jim Lyon)

TITLE: Uncharted Territory AUTHOR: Jim Lyon SUBGENRES: femdom, sub/dom, erotic romance Most authors of BDSM erotica aren’t too concerned with issues of authenticity and verisimilitude. Quite the opposite, in fact: 50 Shades of Angst slapped together with some bungling stabs … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Come With a Friend (Patient Lee)

TITLE: Come With a Friend AUTHOR: Patient Lee SUBGENRES: gay, crossdressing, high school drama Come With a Friend is a story of transitions and self-discoveries, of internalized homophobia and self-hatred, of catharsis and renewal. Its protagonist—the depressive, isolated Jason—never quite self-identifies … Continue reading

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